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Une foule de renseignements indispensables recueillis par Thierry BARBIER.

Fiches pratiques par pays Mise à jour : Février 2013

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ULM en Europe


Fédération européenne ULM: European Microlight Federation


Portuguese Regulation for Microlights Circulation of community and foreign aircrafts


1 – The circulation of community and foreign microlight aircrafts in
the portuguese airspace depends on these folowing conditions.

a) A certificate, or a flight permit, issued by the original aircraft's
country, or the country that issued its registration, proof of the
aircraft's minimum safety conditions;

b) The pilot must have a valid flight licence, adequate to the aircraft
he's flying.

c) Having a ensurence valid in Portugal.

d) The stay must not be longer than 90 days.

The authorization issued by the Portuguese authorities under these
conditions will be valid for no longer than 3 years. After that it will

be necessary to request another authorisation.


Et si vous souhaitiez voyager en norvège.

Every year a large number of tourists and others visit Norway.

Some make their journey more enjoyable by using their own aircraft!

In order to make their trip as safe and enjoyable as possible, the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority has released the 'VFR Guide' (Visual Flight Rules) describing a little about how it is to fly to- and in Norway. alt

To make this guide as accessible as possible to all that may have benefit of its information, we have distributed it widely within the Norwegian General Aviation community.

However, much of the information in the guide will be of benefit when planning the flight to Norway.
We believe that the addressees of this e-mail may be natural for a pilot to contact when planning such a trip. Therefore we hope you can be so friendly as to either provide to them a link to the guide at the Civil Aviation Authority's website, or forward a copy, either electronically or on paper whichever is more practical. Enclosed you will find a pdf file with the guide, and the link is here:


The guide will also be posted pre-printed at some of the most widely used airports, so that visiting pilots may get a copy upon arrival to Norway.

We have used our imagination to the best of our ability to identify appropriate recipients of this E-mail. However, we recognize that there may be many we may have forgotten, or do not know about. We therefore humbly ask that you forward this to others you may think could benefit from receiving this information.

If You have comments or feedback to the guide, or a question regarding flying in Norway, please send me a line or give me a call.

Thank you in advance, and have a very good summer!